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Continuum (front and back)
Continuum (front and back)
etching, relief, letterpress
18"x 10ft, 2-sided

Tracking and noticing subtle residues of everyday moments is a part of my practice; They are easily missed if I don’t pay attention. I am a strong believer in the “butterfly effect.” This print portrays repetitions and cycles. The etched lines mimic million-year-old stalactites, or single-celled organisms, one of the oldest forms of life. The metal printing plate for a TV advertisement is something that I found in a flea market in Switzerland during my recent residency; It was made around the first Tokyo Olympics in the ’60s, exclaiming “if you own this TV, you are in Tokyo!” This serendipitous discovery collapsed the time and space in my mind. My late Japanese mother was 19, then.

It was also exhibited at Atelier Mondial in Basel in 2019.