• Strata, Edition/Basel 2019

    Strata, Edition/Basel 2019

    Atelier Mondial, Basel, Switzerland
    Summer 2019

  • Ichigo Ichi-e

    Ichigo Ichi-e

    For "The Distance Between Us"
    hosted by Earthbound Moon and City of Eugene, BRIDGE project

    Serendipity. That is the essence of collaboration.
    When Kaz from Perugino and I got together and started chatting about our lives, we both were so amused at how a series of serendipitous moments brought to where we are.
    "Ichigo-Ichie" is a proverb meaning "for this time only." It stems from a traditional Japanese tea ceremony; these words are rooted in Buddhist philosophy. You serve each tea to your guest as if this is the only encounter you have in your life, encouraging you to cherish the moment. This is happening at a coffee house was so perfect.
    The base of our drink is Green tea from Kyoto with cherry rose, infused with rose water.
    Coincidentally (see what I mean?) a homonym for "Ichigo" in Japanese is strawberry! I had to place a small shiny pink chocolate heart that could sweeten your drink or give it to your sweetheart (or just eat it, why not?) A hint of rose and a sprinkle of cardamom on top evoke Persia where Kaz is from. The taste is subtle and delicate. Your drink is marking the spot on the line drawn with chocolate syrup.

    As an artist, I have always been interested in absurd, obsessive and futile behaviors. I find them so human. I want to find value in unfulfilled wishes. Visible processes of making in my work would invite viewers to bring their own lived experiences. Now Kaz and I often say to each other, 'That's kismet!" Kismet means fate or destiny in Farsi. After all, throughout our lives, we all follow strands of happenstances, good or bad. It could be god-sent, or not.
    Thank you for sharing your moment with us. This is definitely, "Ichigo-Ichie."

  • UO Printmaking: a selection of recent prints and state proofs

    UO Printmaking: a selection of recent prints and state proofs

    The Light Commons, University of Oregon, Portland
    On view until April 8, 2016

    The Light Court Commons Gallery and UO Printmaking is pleased to present a selection of recent prints from faculty and MFA alumni. The unique prints, variable editions and state proofs showcase the various ways artists use the iterative, systematic, and transitive methods of printmaking. The UO printmaking program encourages thinking through print to engage experiments in processes, variations on traditional methods, and use of technology to create distinctive print work.

  • Tourit's Folly

    Tourit's Folly

    Portland Community College
    Themed Portfolio Exhibition hosted by SGCI Conference in Portland.
    On View until April 2, 2016

    The roving, transitory nature of the SGCI conference lends itself to consideration of modern society’s aspiration for tourism and the artist’s role as a tourist. The prints in this portfolio may interpret the consequences of how many places, people or objects are exoticized and commodified by or for an audience of tourists in slogans similar to Portland’s “Keep Portland Weird”. The portfolio highlights the artist’s particular experience while travelling or as an outsider within their own local culture. Portfolio participants will create an edition of oversized, fictional travel brochures which investigate the fluctuating relationship between arts, culture and tourism.