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My mind is constantly buzzing around, and I’ve been suffering from a “poor people” syndrome. I’ve worked hard all my life, and I feel guilty when I’m not working. It doesn’t matter if I’m grieving, confused, or exhausted. During the quarantine, I finally decided to try meditating. Over the years, a lot of people recommended it that it’s good for me, but you see, I could’ve never sat still.
I started a guided meditation practice. Yes, it’s a practice, just a little bit every day. The meditation coach’s voice is always calm and kind. When we started on a long period of silence, he said, “Remember, I’m always here.” My eyes were closed, but I sensed his warm presence and made me feel safe. I felt okay just to be.
The “I” in this sentence could be anyone. It could be me as a reminder to myself to be here in the moment. It could be someone you love telling you that they are always with you, or someone you’d like to keep alive in your memories as long as you live. Or it could be our Mother Earth; let’s hope she’s always with us.
Isn’t it sweet to know that someone is always with you?